Days of Wine and Roses

Writing, playing and singing songs is one of my pleasures in my hectic life.

Daily piano practice was not so amusing for 4 years old girl and I had desired to escape suffering of boring lessons of basic fingering technique.

Thinking back now, those years opened up a new beautiful world for me.

Completed Italian Concerto of Bach for the final concert before the entrance exam preparation when I was 15, I stopped the daily piano practice.

My passion for music appeared in some form or another in my life.

In high school days, I started to sing with bands and performed in so many concerts.

When I was 20, I made a debut as a professional singer, released two albums then stopped playing music again to return to my everyday life.

As I was getting busy at work, I remained to be an incognito but an avid listener for decades.

Then recently one brisk autumn morning, it struck me that it’s time to sing again.

It is an intuitive decision, something like a direct divine revelation.

I will sing ‘The Days of Wines and Roses” soon at a jazz club in Tokyo.

This special occasion fills my heart and soul with joy.

Around The World in 21days

Hong Kong, Paris, Nice, Monaco, London,Milan,Rome,New York and Tokyo

Meeting in person is worth hundreds times of conference call.

To feel the person’s eyes, signs, smiles, hesitancy, or conviction drives chemical reactions in my neuro network that gives me fresh, creative ideas for business development.

I am spending the final days of my ‘around the world’ journey in NYC , meeting tech-entrepreneurs, media professionals, creators or fashion peoples.

In other cities, I met a painter, an architect, a fashion designer, a luxury jeweler, beauty professionals, a heritage champagne house,a fintech professionals, investors and private bankers.

I am deeply grateful for those professionals who spared their precious time for me.

I am seeking the best art, the best creative, the best talent, the best products ,and the best solutions to deliver them to the people.

‘The best’ and ‘the best solution’ creates the best value.

My missions are there.

Media, Dialogue, Rhetoric

Thoughts around Business and Creation



I have been giving a lecture once a year at Sophia University, Tokyo for 10 years.
The general title of the lecture is given ‘Media, Dialogue, Rhetoric’, but I am expected to talk mainly about branding as a business expert.
Circumstances surrounding marketing or media since the decade has been changing at warp speed. Anyone can send out messages or images to the people of the world in a second, with or without clear intention. Even so, another star brands may appear today or tomorrow.
Flexibility and adaptability must be timeless attributes for survival.

Touch of Japanese Paper


Living in digital communication society, though, business cards never lose its presence.

It might be like traditional wristwatches.

I had made our business cards of Japanese traditional hand-made paper ‘Echizen Washi’ , with characters engraved by hands also.

Working everyday, feeling the gentle breathing of paper.

Body , Sense , Life and Tech


We business development experts are busy for catching up all technologies.

Fintech, Biotech, Medtech, Greentech, Cleantech,,,,but dare I say it ,

I am not happy with my daily clothes at all , even the one in a cutting-edge tech based material ,

or the one in extremely rare and extravagant material from far away.

A style finishes its story with spacing of the lines, body and fabric,

the air in the space is the art.

It’s all about fitting. The clothes cannot exist without a man or woman who wear them.

If I cannot have the wardrobe filled with dresses and suits from Haute Couture Maisons,

the Tech must be responsible for compensating my unsatisfactory. Anyone else ?

I don’t talk about the strange,alien-like 3D dress.

Clothes, perfectly fitted to one’s body , must make my life,

everyone’s life a hundred times happier.

So, where is ‘ the Tech’  ?

Truth, Beauty and Goodness

It had been intuition and belief in life since my childhood that Truth is Beautiful, Beauty is True and Good.

And I had thought others believed the principle in the same way.

But I found that many people live their life based on different thoughts.

Yes. We are living in the world of the highest stage of capitalism and its principle,

and I am a part of the system.

However, I will be still pursuing Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

not only in my private life but especially in business to prove that

the principle creates more excellent value in the world.

Dialogue and Dialogue

People talk about the singularity. Without doubt, almost all the works will be replaced by robots controlled by artificial intelligence.

Then what shall we human being need to have in the new era.

Philosophy , Arts and Charm. That is my simple answer.

How can we cultivate and refine them ? To meet people and have a direct dialogue, not just a conversation or an argument, a real dialogue, like a collision of souls. As if the galaxies are activating by collision and merging.

That is why I don’t stop traveling and meet people.