Learned Economics and Philosophy and earned BAs, then researched diplomacy and strategy at a higher institution, and earned MBA at a business school, I am never quite sure what kind of role that academia played in my journey.

Yet, I am holding an admiration for the world of academia and a tranquil life there. If I give the reason by myself, I am a keen seeker after the truth.

All the activities in life, working hard, eating, sleeping, meeting people, keeping friendship, laughing, loving someone, enjoying champagne, trying to find some laws from raindrop dancing must be means to seek or reach the truth.

I have been giving lectures titled ‘Media, Dialogue and Rhetoric’ at Sophia University in Tokyo for over 10 years. Preparation for the lecture each year is a fixed-point observation opportunity of my intellectual, mental, physical status for ‘seeking truth’.

My journey continues. I am making researches on real diplomacy and strategy to which I pay particularly close attention these years. To produce an article for publication in a scholarly journal from my unique perspective as a non-academic researcher and earn PhD is a milestone in the journey at this moment.