Body , Sense , Life and Tech


We business development experts are busy for catching up all technologies.

Fintech, Biotech, Medtech, Greentech, Cleantech,,,,but dare I say it ,

I am not happy with my daily clothes at all , even the one in a cutting-edge tech based material ,

or the one in extremely rare and extravagant material from far away.

A style finishes its story with spacing of the lines, body and fabric,

the air in the space is the art.

It’s all about fitting. The clothes cannot exist without a man or woman who wear them.

If I cannot have the wardrobe filled with dresses and suits from Haute Couture Maisons,

the Tech must be responsible for compensating my unsatisfactory. Anyone else ?

I don’t talk about the strange,alien-like 3D dress.

Clothes, perfectly fitted to one’s body , must make my life,

everyone’s life a hundred times happier.

So, where is ‘ the Tech’  ?


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