Days of Wine and Roses

Writing, playing and singing songs is one of my pleasures in my hectic life.

Daily piano practice was not so amusing for 4 years old girl and I had desired to escape suffering of boring lessons of basic fingering technique.

Thinking back now, those years opened up a new beautiful world for me.

Completed Italian Concerto of Bach for the final concert before the entrance exam preparation when I was 15, I stopped the daily piano practice.

My passion for music appeared in some form or another in my life.

In high school days, I started to sing with bands and performed in so many concerts.

When I was 20, I made a debut as a professional singer, released two albums then stopped playing music again to return to my everyday life.

As I was getting busy at work, I remained to be an incognito but an avid listener for decades.

Then recently one brisk autumn morning, it struck me that it’s time to sing again.

It is an intuitive decision, something like a direct divine revelation.

I will sing ‘The Days of Wines and Roses” soon at a jazz club in Tokyo.

This special occasion fills my heart and soul with joy.