Kimigayo – Reign of Your Majesty

The national anthem of Japan played at the opening ceremony of Olympic Games held in Rio City was the best music I have ever experienced.

The amazing version of our national anthem was arranged by Jun Miyake, a Japanese composer based in Paris, using incredible technique of mysterious harmony of Bulgarian Voice.

For many Japanese like me, Kimigayo is naturally ‘a poem’, rather than ‘a music’ to be played in a western harmonic texture. Because the lyrics for Kimigayo was first appeared in the “Kokin Wakashu”, the anthology of poetry edited in the 10th century, as a poem.

Given that Kimigayo is a poem, its performance must be more comfortable to be like a poetry reading, instead of a song.

I suppose what is behind the certain strangeness I have been always had when I sing Kimigayo is its complex history and structure. The lyrics was from 10th century’s poem; the melody was made in 19th century in Gagaku (the ancient Japanese court music) style, and was harmonized by a German military bandmaster soon after the creation of melody. I have never got successful in reconciling these painfully different elements while singing the 60 seconds song.

The Miyake version of Kimigayo, so clean, calm but with strong spirit of words, resolved the strangeness that all the other conventional versions of Kimigayo had.

Tony Viramontes

He saw a being as if he had been a clairvoyant, not only with its form but sounds, anima, touch, scents, cells, flame and shadow.

Actually, his narrowed eyes captured anything or everything in another world than in mines. His works were always very quick.

Because he had any fine and thin details in him before he took up his paintbrush. He called me ‘Gato’ ,’Gata’ or ‘Gatita’ , as my Japanese family name sounds like ‘cat’ in his native language, and indeed, I was running around him day and night like a kitten while I was still confused with everything as a beginner in the fashion world.

We made a high definition fashion video, replacing a runway collection, 30 years ago.

He was too much ahead of its time.


Around The World in 21days

Hong Kong, Paris, Nice, Monaco, London,Milan,Rome,New York and Tokyo

Meeting in person is worth hundreds times of conference call.

To feel the person’s eyes, signs, smiles, hesitancy, or conviction drives chemical reactions in my neuro network that gives me fresh, creative ideas for business development.

I am spending the final days of my ‘around the world’ journey in NYC , meeting tech-entrepreneurs, media professionals, creators or fashion peoples.

In other cities, I met a painter, an architect, a fashion designer, a luxury jeweler, beauty professionals, a heritage champagne house,a fintech professionals, investors and private bankers.

I am deeply grateful for those professionals who spared their precious time for me.

I am seeking the best art, the best creative, the best talent, the best products ,and the best solutions to deliver them to the people.

‘The best’ and ‘the best solution’ creates the best value.

My missions are there.